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Why do they want to be with you?

You ask, why Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and other girls from Republics of previous USSR want to get married with a foreign man?
Well, at first, at least not all above-mentioned women want to get married with foreign man.
Second, (and here you are right!) economical situation of those countries (except of Russia) leaves much to be desired.
The third, countries from that list in its population mostly have more women then men. Even in some places there are 10 brides for 7 grooms!
Fourth, at their native countries (almost countries with patriarchal deviation of living) girls do not have any chance of full realization in professional and social areas.
Well, and fifth, and the main reason (!), those brides have a legend...
The Legend about foreign man-groom, who is...
- Courageous, handsome, with white teeth... (exactly, influence of foreign films :) )
- Pleasant, polite, gallant, respectful gentleman (well, films and literature, and almost absence of that behavior between local grooms.
- Educated (prestige of foreign images in USSR countries.
- Provided (non stable economical situation in her native country make that fact in groom choosing very important)
- Who lives in a country with stable democracy, incorruptible judge, police, which can be trusted... (so, influence from an absence of all of this mentioned in her native country)
Of course, the girl see (have seen before) a lot of advantages in such a foreign man in difference of the local admirer.
To get married with such a "brilliant" is a prestige and "cool"!
Also if we will add a negative experience in previous marriage with a man from her own country (just some girls), then it is clear, why they are looking for a man in Western foreign countries.
Aha! You supposed the same? Ok, (at least in intellect) you suit our demands to be a groom... :)