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Who is looking for you?

Do you know that somebody is looking for you? Well, they are! And very exclusive ones!
So, they are women. Ages of such women are between 25 and 35. You see, rather young, especially for you :)

More than half of the amount of this women have Higher Education. The others have specific professionally specificities studies. (It is not like most of Asian women) Each woman has the high school education. It is an obligation in the country of their birth.

Height of this kind of women is 165, weight is 55 kg. Well, these women are not
suffering from overweight. (McDonalds came to her country a little time ago) Eye color is green or blue. Hair color is light brown or blonde. So, you see that such a woman does not need to compete with most of the women from other countries in her sexuality and inner charming.
Just 30% of the woman who are looking for you, already have children.
These women are almost healthy. Well, even your spending on diverse dentists will be minimal because these women have already cared about such things.
Almost 60% of these women have driven license. The other women just didn't have any chance to obtain one. But those who have already received drive very confidently. Why? Because driving on roads in her country could only be compared with a rally for surviving on the frozen asphalt with hills.
By the way, these women mostly live in a big City and work as ordinary workers in large firms.

Just 10% of these women have been previously married. Why? About the candidates in grooms in their native country I will tell you later in my articles.

The language knowledge mostly limited to English. Half of these women can speak intermediate English without any problems. But don't worry, the other half will answer to you with the same colorings and sweetness, but using a dictionary. At least girl will use the best achievement of the modern world - the electronic translator. So, you see that nothing can disturb or limit your communication. Interesting communication!;)

And now, her plans for the future: To get married to foreign man who is well provided and to present him with one or two children. Well, now I see that your sweet dream about having a cosy house full of children with a beautiful but hard working wife who is waiting for you with a tasty dinner and clean bed is going to come true.

But, unfortunately this happiness can come only to a limited part of society of civilized countries. Those girls are mostly looking for a provided man from America or Europe (possibly a businessman or a highly paid government worker). The height and weight of the candidates is not important. But the ages of these happy men are between 35 and 50.
Your previous marriages do not bother anybody.

If you have children and you are suffering as a lonely father, full of pampers and daily cleaning. The 60% of our women will open their hearts to you with a great pleasure. The other girls can be too young and not ready to stand somebody's children, wishing to have their own. Or too old who can be already fed up with her ones, fortunately who has already grown up.

She will even understand that you are a smoker and you may drink sometimes in the evenings. In some situation of her life she will even want to join you in these events.
So, she is a Beauty from Beauties! By the way! In bed she will surprise you more then you'd ever expected. (I know!)

Well, having read all this info, I guess you have a question! Why? Why such an amazing women can't find her place at home? For what does she looking for a foreign man for marriage?

I will tell you with a truth in my heart and absolutely seriously, that she has just feel cold in her native country with severe climate.