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What is a difference between a Russian guy and you?

Oh, after my previous article I was tortured with a questions, everybody suddenly understood about Russian girls, now everybody want to know about Russian guys. What is a difference between Russian guy and non Russian guy? :)
I will tell you! Nothing! He also have a head, two hands and legs! (ok, I'm joking...) He has absolutly the same as you have, maybe even his car a little bit better than yours... but in foreign languages knowledge of course you win! (are you already proud?)
So, finaly, what is a difference between you???
The difference is that he has a Spirit! You ask what is a Spirit?
EEE.... How to describe it for you... The Spirit is not an Idol, and not an animal of nigmenian tribe. The Spirit is not a reek of vodka, sardines and sweat... Although, the spiteful character from russian fairytails Baba Jaga often tell: I feel, here is a reek of russian Spirit!
The Spirit is a state of the Soul. (I hope you know what is a Soul?!)
It is not a primitive slobbery camomile of the Europe south population, it is a global meditation and treating the World as an integral object, and co-operation between it and your own self.
The World consciousnes as an integral object cause the understanding and sharp private feelings of all difficulties and unfairness of the World. Sometimes because of the impossibility to change your own place and social level in this World. Also the gloomy perspectives of the further deterioration of the World and the redoubling of your place in it...
All this cause the special condition which Russian call Soul hurts.
That very often causes the wish to take alcohol. :)
The old generation of the women had to put up with this Russian men's freak. So, the new generation of brides, with more materialistic treating men, they already cannot stand that Spirit. They already do not want the paradise with your lover in the shelter of branches. They want a house, prestigious car, expensive holidays, education for children, and a fur coat for herself...
That is why they are looking at you as her future husband, though not all of them...
Why not all of them?
Because of that Spirit and integral perception of the actions, Russian man much more generous (much more!) to their women, then a foreign man. They are ready to give all their profit (if he has it of course:)) and spoil his women with anything she ever wants... But really there can be different situations... :)
Well, finally, that is Russian, what can we take from them...