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Who are the scammers and why do they need your money?

Scammer - is a man who makes an illegal plan for making money.
At the beginning it was a name for the girls, who beg their partners in correspondence for money and presents.
After she achieved her whim (what she asked for, or almost what she asked for) she stopped the correspondence.
Imagine, (of course if you still wasn't in a role of «grantor») that you have correspondence with a beautiful girl with a great figure. Every-thing is so great; you have so many things in common. Both of you are looking forward to the each other's letters everyday, and becoming sad when one of you is late with an answer. She sends you her photos everyday, photos are hotter and hotter... You have phone conversations for hours... She seems to be so real, already so close to you... You already feel like she is your girlfriend...
And suddenly, you decide to invite this angel in the flesh to your place for the first meeting or even may be more... You happily write to her about your offer. Oh! How happy she is... but one problem... she can't afford it...
This long trip to your paradise cost hundreds and hundreds of euros for her. And this is the truth! She needs money and time for a visa and flight tickets, she need a hotel... and so on.... Of course as a gentle-man you agree to help your destiny to get to your place to spend the rest of your life together...
Happily in a waiting for the wonder you are running to the bank to make a transfer. ("Fortunately" technologies of this World let you do it) So, you send her a transfer for everything she needs to get to you... happily checked through the internet that she got your transfer...
Suddenly, she stopped writing to you... Hurts, doesn't it? You feel like a foolish... ;)
But there are two sides.
The first - obvious (at the first sight). You trusted her and wanted to help (like you are good). You lost your money (you are a victim).

Your conclusion: you are good - she is bad, deceiver.

The second (non obvious side). You were caught on deceive because of exact reason. This reason is an absent of the real image about other people in this huge world. You were pushed slightly by too much trust and informational infantilism and not right decision of elementary situations. Your image about the big world was formed by narrow world of your limited mind, which was crashed when you collided with the reality of this big World, where everything is not easy and ambiguous. Your loss is a payment for your lesson!

My conclusion: if you became a victim of the situation - you are foolish! And please stop being offended!...

By the way, the grandfather Zigmund Freid also would tell you that unconsciously you wanted to be in a role of victim and to be pun-ished, because... (Read classics of psychological analysis)
By the way, did you know that in India there are schools for robbers? The spiritual instructors for robbers?
You ask my own opinion about such situations? You still haven't un-derstood, have you? Then, especially for you, I will tell loudly:
- I, your loved Alana, tell you, my dear, that I absolutely negatively, with disgust and full of sadness feel about these women, who deceive men!!! I really very very much do not like them! I think that they are making a big sin and redoubling their karma! Also they go against the law! I'm always at the side of suffered man (even who sometimes provoke glamour creations to such a bad and hasty actions).
So, we are speaking about scammers... Well, especially that action was a reason for the creation of special sites with lists of girls, noticed in such bad actions.
But it was only at the beginning of creations of these sites. Further development of such sites lost their first meaning and became just "lists of vengeance".
They began to add girls there almost without any reason:
- Somebody thought that it was not her photo (not proved!)
- Somebody decided that she wrote not her data (not proved!)
- Answered to the men's letter with a rejection (he paid for the address) and vindictive freak put this girl to the scammer list.
- Just simply didn't answer to the letter (look upper).
- Wrote that she is getting married with another man. (again look upper)
And so on...
That is why, when you will find the girl in a scammer list, which data you just bought, you shouldn't think that she is a culprit or was noticed in a bad actions! As you already know, that she could be put there just by vindictive impotent freak, just because of vengeance...
And also, you should remember that that list of scammers became a great business, competing with dating sites. Now, almost all of them take money for putting girl's info there and (right!) for deleting info from there! What a comfortable business, isn't it?
Some, of scammer sites, was let them down to that level, they put the data of the girls in their black list and after they tell to their suffered, that they are ready to delete this info for a special amount of money. So, always you should remember the words of Budda, who told «...everything is not, as it seems to be...»
You ask in what region there is the biggest amount of scammers? There is no exact info, but something about this:
On 100 put profiles of the girls there are % of scammers:
- Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova) - 10%
- Western Europe - 3%
- South - Eastern Asia - 18%
- Africa - 24%
- Northern America - 1%
- Latin America - to 30%
Now about money and good girls..
Do you remember the reasons of searching foreign grooms? About it I wrote in my previous articles, we spoke about difficult economical situation in some countries...?
Girls, just do not have money for meeting with you. She doesn't have money for visa, plane ticket, and hotel, for the certificate for your embassy of the improvement that she has a big amount of money in her account. (Always some thousand Euros), for insurance... and so on..
Yes, it is very bad situation! And good girls also ask for money! Absolutely not to deceive you! Just to see you...
But! How to detect a scammer from a good girl? Will tell you honestly - no way! That is why; to avoid losing money and disappointment in the World, just go by yourself to your bride. And already there at real place, when you see her and her life, you will decide, if she is your destiny woman and if you are ready to help her. If you are ready, then you will give her anything you think she would need... ;)